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My name is Frank Muci. I write this newsletter about topics that interest me, mostly about crypto and its intersection with economics, finance and policy. I’m a big nerd — I studied physics and philosophy in college and economic development at grad school — and I like to program, especially in python.

I currently work at the London School of Economics, where I research and teach about economic growth, state capacity, political economy, and related subjects. I was previously a researcher at the Growth Lab at the Harvard Kennedy School, where I got to work with finance ministries and central banks from a half dozen developing countries, including Albania, where I lived for a year.

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, but left for college in the U.S. when I was 18 and never returned. I moved to London with my partner in 2021. Here’s a picture of yours truly at LSE.

I regularly read and reply to comments, so please drop a line with your reactions or questions. Thank you for reading!

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Newsletter about topics that interest me, mostly at the intersection of crypto, economics, finance and policy.


Frank Muci

Writes Common Sense, a newsletter on crypto, finance, economics and policy. Policy @LSEPublicPolicy. Formerly @HarvardGrwthLab. International Development @Kennedy_School. Economist, Writer, Data Science, Algorithmic Art.